Farewell, Urban Decay “Naked” – we loved you well!

In what can only be described as a shock move, Urban Decay have done something I never thought they’d do, and discontinued the original Naked palette.  And of course they’ve done it in the way that only Urban Decay can, complete with YouTube funeral, attended by “badasses and beauty influencers” and with a eulogy given by Nicole Richie.  Bravo, Urban Decay.  Well played. “Naked” was, … Continue reading Farewell, Urban Decay “Naked” – we loved you well!

[REVIEW] Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette “Toasted” Palette

Hello!  Welcome back to my world.  Another week, another review, and this week it’s the Tartelette “Toasted” palette from Tarte Cosmetics. Before I bought this palette, it was in serious competition with two others which had essentially the same colour scheme, Urban Decay’s “Naked Heat” and Too Faced’s “Just Peachy”.  I did an awful lot of research and in the end this was the one … Continue reading [REVIEW] Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette “Toasted” Palette

[REVIEW] Urban Decay “Naked” Eyeshadow Palette

Here we have what is without question the oldest item in my makeup bag (it’s not a bag, but we’ll get to that some other time). All makeup has a shelf life, and technically eyeshadow has a life of around 24 months from date of opening.  In real terms however, dry products have a much longer life than this.  I know for a fact that … Continue reading [REVIEW] Urban Decay “Naked” Eyeshadow Palette