Beauty Stars of 2018 – Part 2

Welcome to the second in my “Beauty Stars of 2018” series!  The first part is here, if you missed it. Without further waffle – on we go! PART 2: MAKEUP (COMPLEXION) Primer (Face) Primer is a terribly subjective thing; because of the fact that primers serve all manner of different purposes, it tends to be the case that I choose a different one depending on … Continue reading Beauty Stars of 2018 – Part 2


The sharp-eyed among you will notice that the blog has been quiet for a little while; I’m afraid the combination of the run up to Christmas and some ongoing health concerns has diverted my attention somewhat!  The long-term future of 37 and Clueless is under review at the moment, but for now, I hope all of you celebrating have had a wonderful Christmas, and I … Continue reading Hiatus

Beauty Storage

Very few things make my geeky little heart as happy as organisation.  Only in some areas of my life though, you should see the state of my desk drawers.  And ask my mother some time about the state of my bedroom when I was a kid.  But I digress. When it comes to hair and beauty storage, organisation makes me very happy indeed.  Because of … Continue reading Beauty Storage