[REVIEW UPDATE] Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder

Following on from my initial review of this powder, I was firmly convinced that the issues I experienced were less to do with the powder itself and more to do with the way it was interacting with my other products, not least because I had so much trouble finding any other negative reviews in relation to its performance! So rather than filing it away, I … Continue reading [REVIEW UPDATE] Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder

[REVIEW] Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder

In my recent Beauty Stars of 2018, you might remember that I handed out just one award for loose powder and just one for pressed.  Although my views on pressed powder remain the same (there is only one!),  I have been testing another loose powder for some weeks now – Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test it sufficiently before the end … Continue reading [REVIEW] Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder

Getting Going

So, this morning I got what I thought was a lovely comment on one of my earlier blog posts.  The comment said what a fantastic blog this was, and could I please offer advice on how to get started when writing blog posts – how to wriggle around writer’s block and get going? I showed the comment to my husband, and his inner battle-hardened cynic … Continue reading Getting Going

[REVIEW] Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

One of the things I’ve learnt on my makeup journey so far is that no matter how much you love a brand, the chances of you loving every single product made by that brand are vanishingly small!  I know incredibly few people who claim to love every product they’ve ever tried by a brand.  Sooner or later you run across something that makes you go: … Continue reading [REVIEW] Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

Beauty Stars of 2018 – Part 3

Welcome to the third in my “Beauty Stars of 2018” series!  The first and second parts are here and here, if you missed them. PART 3: MAKEUP (EYES & LIPS) Brows Winner: Glossier Boy Brow – £14.00 Another point for Glossier here: Boy Brow really is the simplest of things which manages to achieve an awful lot.  It grooms, shapes and adds colour to sparse and/or unruly eyebrows … Continue reading Beauty Stars of 2018 – Part 3