All Good Things

Somewhere around 18 months ago, I stopped creating content here, and effectively put the blog on hold. There were a number of reasons, but a significant one was that I didn’t like the way the beauty community as a whole was evolving at that time. I was seeing more and more nastiness and viciousness, most especially on YouTube – and sure enough it has come to a head in the last few weeks.

I won’t provide direct links to the most recent issues, because I don’t wish to throw fuel on the fire. A quick Google will provide details very easily if you want them.

Wayne Goss outlines the problem perfectly in the video linked below.  He has always been a kind, gentle, professional makeup artist – one of the ‘grown ups’ of the online beauty community, if you like – and he will have no part of this crap.

I’d love to think it can be stopped, but I don’t think it can. The online beauty community has degraded into a runaway train of hate and nastiness. It has comprehensively broken my enjoyment of the subject, and at this point, I simply no longer wish to be associated with it. The blog will remain here until the ‘lease’ on the domain name expires next year, in case any of the content is useful to anyone, but I won’t be adding to it further.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones, please stay safe.

H D Inglis

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