[REVIEW] Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips


One of the things I’ve learnt on my makeup journey so far is that no matter how much you love a brand, the chances of you loving every single product made by that brand are vanishingly small!  I know incredibly few people who claim to love every product they’ve ever tried by a brand.  Sooner or later you run across something that makes you go: “Oh.  There we are, then.”

My love of Charlotte Tilbury as a brand is, by now, very well known.  I adore their Matte Revolution and K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks, their lip and eye pencils, their pressed powder, the Hollywood Flawless Filter, their brushes and their eyeshadow.  I don’t, however, love everything.  The jury is still out on Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder, and my test of their Magic Foundation was nothing short of disastrous!  There are of course things I haven’t tried yet too.

Given my love of the “standard” lipsticks, I fully expected to love “Hollywood Lips” (their liquid lipstick) too.  Unfortunately, after multiple tests, I have to report that I’m not at all a fan.

The first problem I have is with the applicator.  As seen in the picture above, the applicator is curved to a narrow end rather than being the standard “doe foot” shape.  I think the idea is that it fits to the shape of your lip making application easier – but not all lips are created equal, and mine are not the shape it is designed to fit.  I’m sure it’s perfect for some people, but for me it isn’t.  The only effect it has is to make application much more difficult and uneven.

Secondly, I don’t like the formula.  It’s described as being “mousse like”, but I find it to be clumpy and difficult to spread evenly, which means that very often the colour is patchy and uneven.  I tend to need two coats instead of one to make it even, which has the follow-on effect that, as the day goes on, a thicker coat is far more likely to crack and flake off.

I also never find that the formula dries completely.  My favourite liquid lipsticks dry almost completely, such that when you press your lips together they don’t stick, and your lips don’t stick to coffee cups causing colour transfer.  I find that this one has a tendency to stay slightly sticky/tacky, which just  isn’t a pleasant feeling at all.

Finally, I don’t like the finish.  In spite of the fact that it stays sticky to the touch, the finished appearance is incredibly dry and cracks very easily.  If you have the slightest imperfection in your lips (which I certainly do!), this will show them up.  I have an old scar from biting through my lip many years ago, and I found that this even managed to show that up!

It isn’t very often that I end up completely taking off my lipstick and replacing it with something else, but I’ve tested this one four times now, and every time I’ve been frustrated and fed up enough that I’ve given up on it at lunchtime, taken it off and reached for my trusty Pillow Talk instead.

Sorry Charlotte!  I’m still a huge fan, but this one just isn’t for me.

Available here – RRP £24.00.

DISCLAIMER: This review is not sponsored by Charlotte Tilbury, and I have no affiliation with the company.  I have not been paid or otherwise compensated for this review, and I (or my very generous husband) pay for every product I review. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.


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