[REVIEW] Birchbox – September

It’s Birchbox time again!  More to the point, it was Birchbox time about three weeks ago, but it’s taken me this long to sort the review out…   So sorry for the gap in posts, we’ve had a few weeks of busy life things happening.  No excuse, I know!

So – on with it!

This month’s Birchbox design is the most beautiful yet, for someone like me who is absolutely obsessed with all things shiny and purple.  The theme this month is “On top of your world”.


How beautiful?  It took me the better part of a week to put it away, just because it was so beautiful on my desk and I was enjoying looking at it!  I think it’s going to be promoted to a life of holding “bits and pieces” on my desk to keep it tidy.

Contents wise, I think this is one of my favourites so far.


No full size products this month, it’s a full set of samples – but three of the items are quite expensive in their full size (as you’ll see from the RRPs below), and two of the samples themselves will go a really long way, so I’m quite happy.

From left to right, we have:

Klorane Nourishing Conditioner with Mango Butter (full size RRP £10)

Being possessed of a thick, bushy wolf pelt instead of hair, there was only enough in the sample tube for one treatment, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Having a very oversensitive sense of smell, I’m a sucker for things that smell nice, and this definitely does that.  The Mango scent isn’t overpowering, just strong enough to smell absolutely delicious, and to leave a slight scent in your hair after rinsing out.   It rinsed out leaving a very “clean” feeling behind,  my hair detangled easily enough, and was soft after drying.

It’s quite hard to make a full judgment on a conditioner on only one use, but on the basis of this I would definitely give a full-size bottle of it a full hearing at some point in the future, especially given its sulphate, paraben and silicone free credentials.  Very nice, Klorane!

Eyeko Brow Liner (full size RRP £15)

I wasn’t a fan of this, but I don’t particularly like felt tip type liners, either for eyes or for brows.  I find I have much more control with a sharpened pencil instead.  If you like the felt tip type liners, you’ll probably get on OK with it, but it wasn’t for me.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR (full size RRP starting at £21)

I may have actually squealed a little bit when I opened the box and found this little beauty inside.

The original Huile Prodigieuse has acquired an absolute cult following, and with good reason.  It’s a blend of half a dozen different nourishing oils, very heavy on the Vitamin E.  It can be used as a body and facial moisturiser, applied to very dry areas of skin such as knees and elbows, used as a bath oil, applied to pulse points as a perfume (because it smells delicious), and even applied to the ends of dried out hair or, when a couple of drops are warmed and spread out between your hands, used to tamp down flyaway hairs on the top.  You can use it as a deep conditioner for hair (massage it in, wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave it for a while before washing it out), or even as an after sun treatment if you’ve overdone it a bit.  It’s a truly multi purpose moisturising oil, and has a huge fan base because of it.  A little bit goes a very long way.  Manna from heaven for those with dry skin.

The “OR” variant has, as the French in the title implies, flecks of gold in it.  When spread over exposed areas of skin (shoulders, collar bones, wherever you like) before a night out, it gives a subtle but noticeable shimmer.  It looks particularly lovely on tanned skin.

My feeling is that this will tend to suit those with warmer skin tones a little better, in much the same way that yellow gold highlighters generally suit warmer toned skin and silvery ones generally suit cooler.

This is a really good sized sample for something which goes a long way on only a few drops.  I’d been meaning to get hold of some and try it, so I’m thrilled to have the chance.  I haven’t tested it fully yet, but I like what I’ve seen so far – and I fully intend to get the most out of it in the Christmas party season!

Benefit Box O’Powder in GALifornia (full size RRP £25.50)

This is the other one of which the sample will go a very, very long way.  A lovely, coral-toned blush with golden flecks through it, it reminds me of nothing quite so much as my beloved NARS Orgasm, only more coral where I find Orgasm more pink on my skin tone.  When my Birchbox arrived, I opened the blush and said “Ooh, it smells of summer!”  On investigation, the smell turns out to be pink grapefruit and vanilla.  It really does smell of summer!  It’s hard to explain – check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

This is a really good blush for summer, very subtle and shimmery, and good for those days when you don’t want all that much in terms of makeup generally, and a slight flushed effect is quite enough.  I will happily add it to my collection for those times when I’m going away and don’t want to take the full sized NARS one with me – a great space-saver.

Marcelle City 24H Anti-Pollution Day & Night Moisturizing Emulsion (full size RRP £25)

This is the only item I haven’t tried at all, and probably won’t.  As you already know from previous posts, my skin is very, very temperamental around skincare, and I’m always very reluctant to make any changes to my basic cleanse-tone-moisturise routine unless I really have to.  My moisturiser needs have been served by Clinique for a very long time, and I know their formulas don’t irritate my skin.  I’m loath to poke the sleeping dragon for no reason!  I shall find another home for this.

Here’s this month’s box insert:


As always, full and further information on all these products together with details on how to subscribe can be found on the Birchbox Website.

DISCLAIMER: This review is not sponsored by Birchbox, Benefit Cosmetics Limited, Eyeko, Marcelle, NUXE or Klorane, and I have no affiliation with any of them.  I have not been paid or otherwise compensated for this review, and I (or my very generous husband) pay for every product I review. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

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