How clean is your Beautyblender?


So, me banging on about brush/tool hygiene is hardly anything new by this point, right?

A while back I came across this page:

You might want to cut your makeup sponge or beautyblender in half right now

Click-bait-y headline notwithstanding, it made for interesting reading.

Cosmopolitan also picked up the same story:

To spare you the extra reading if you’re not in the mood, the gist of it is this: how clean your Beautyblender/any other makeup sponge is on the outside may well bear absolutely no resemblance to how clean it is on the inside.  And once you get it wet and squidge it,  whatever is on the inside will end up on the outside, and all over your face.  That sounded far more obscene than I meant it to.  Moving on.

My 6 month old blender was reaching the end of its life – they’re meant to last 3 to 4 months, so all in all it didn’t do badly.  The texture of the surface was starting to get rougher, it was becoming harder to clean, and it was taking longer to do its job than it used to.  So I decided to retire it gracefully, cut it in half and see how well I’d been doing cleaning-wise.


I’m happy to say that the answer is “very well indeed”.  Washing it after every single use, properly, with very hot water and soap designed for the job has apparently paid off.  I, and my skin, are both very relieved!

It’s not only washing them properly that is a Thing, there also seem to be a lot of people who wet them, use them and then lob them into their makeup bags while still damp.  Assuming you have a strong stomach, Google “Beautyblender mould” to see why this is a bad, bad idea.  Mine have their own space in the airing cupboard for drying purposes!

Health and hygiene concerns aside for a moment, dirty, mouldy brushes and sponges are also a shortcut to blackheads and breakouts, which nobody wants.

Clean tools, happy skin. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by Beautyblender and I have no affiliation with the company.  All opinions are my own.



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