An Average Morning

The thought for this post came to me while chatting with my lovely sister-in-law the other evening. One of the truly wonderful things about makeup is that there is no one right way to do it.  In spite of what some beauty gurus and influencers would have you believe, there is no "one true way". ... Continue Reading →

Gifts with Purchase

As you don't need me to tell you, many of the big beauty brands periodically offer "Free Gifts".  "Free" is, of course, a misnomer, and it drives Trading Standards up the wall!  It's not "free" unless you can walk in to the shop and walk out with the gift, without any payment of any kind... Continue Reading →

Beauty Storage

Very few things make my geeky little heart as happy as organisation.  Only in some areas of my life though, you should see the state of my desk drawers.  And ask my mother some time about the state of my bedroom when I was a kid.  But I digress. When it comes to hair and... Continue Reading →

[REVIEW] Birchbox – August

Here we are again, it's Birchbox time!   Absolutely beautiful box this time.  This month's theme is "Live a life beautiful" and every subscriber received one of 10 different designs, each one designed by an Etsy seller.  Mine is the Constance and Clay one, and it's so pretty!  I love bright colours and purples anyway, but... Continue Reading →

Delays to Service… the train companies would say. My apologies for the missing blog post this week. I have been unwell for much of the week and am now away for the weekend. Normality (such as it is!) will resume next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

[REVIEW] Birchbox – July

As I said in my last Birchbox post, I'd already had my July one delivered by that point, I was just waiting for a replacement part for something that had been damaged.  I'm pleased to say they did that earlier this week, so here we are. 🙂 This month's box is of the more standard... Continue Reading →

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